Food and Lifestyle

Cooking His Way Into Our Hearts

By Abhinav Mishra

In the college canteen, students ask this burly figure to make  a special masala Maggi with veggies.  He obliges gracefully and lets your taste buds enjoy a Maggi cooked to perfection.  It makes  you nostalgic and brings back innocent memories of childhood and comfort food.
Twenty-two year old Bharat Singh Bhist  is one of the cooks in the canteen of Sri Aurbindo College of Arts and Communication .
“ I have been in this business since I was 16,” he said with a look of contentment and pride on his face.  “I love cooking for people.  God sends everyone for a reason and this is my purpose.”
He works 6 days a week on average.  The afternoons are the busiest part of the day’s schedule as hungry students come rushing to him.
Bhist is a man who accepts gracefully his work and makes sure he visits his friends over the weekend.  “I like watching Hindi movies and Sunny Deol is my favourite actor,” he said with a grin.
Bhist got married a few months back. “ Priorities have changed, I have to manage the household and make provisions for the future,” he said.  He yearns for more of  those movie outings with friends, but accepts that  “ everything happens for a reason.”
As for his future goals,  he said he will take things as they come.   “ I just want to be comfortable and make my family happy.”

Our canteen chef

Our canteen chef


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