Batman Meets Superman at Comic Con India

By Vishnu Varma

NEW DELHI, February 14th: The Supermen, Spidermen and Batmen from across the country converged on Delhi Haat in South Delhi to celebrate the 3rd Annual Indian Comic-Con Festival.



According to the authorities, the three day event saw more than 3 Lakh people and brought together under one roof a large number of exhibitors selling various comic merchandise items.
Unique to this year’s Comic Con was the presence of a large number of graphic novels and comic books that covered the mysticism and flavor of India. Amar Chitra Katha and Vimanika Comics were the major draws at the event.

While insanity is treated as insanity everywhere, at Comic-Con, insanity is treated as sanity,” exclaimed an exhibitor at the event.  

Mayank Choudary is head of MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics), a premier company that works with 2D and 3D animation along with gaming and web designing.  He said that the Indian market has a huge scope for animation and gaming based films and that celebration of events like the Comic-Con would greatly provide a new dimension to the “skill based market”.

Exhibitors included Read Everywhere, Bewakoof.com, Bechain Nagri, Gliders and Collectors Heritage.  In addition to chic T-shirts, gaming accessories, graphic novels and comic costumes were the top draws of the event.
The event also attracted several guest speakers from the industry.  Visitors also participated in contests.
Akansha, a young architecture student was dressed up as Flash and was happily posing with children for photographs. “I’m attending a Comic-Con for the first time and I am a hard core fan of comic books.  The crowds are just amazing,” she said.

Akansha dressed up as Flash

Akansha dressed up as Flash

Organized by Comic Con India, the Delhi chapter is an annual event.  With the the growing acceptance of such fun filled events by the public, the clamor for India as the ideal animation destination is expected to grow gradually in the future.


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