Homeless Fight The Cold Weather


Tanya Krishna

New Delhi – As the city temperatures fall to zero degrees, the homeless in the city look for ways to stay warm.

Ghirran, lives on the street  with barely enough covering to protect himself. It’s been 20 years since he ran away from his home in Allahabad.  He has lived  on the streets ever since.

“We don’t have anything to cover ourselves.  We use these plastics and torn sheets to cover us,” he said pointing towards a pile of plastic sheets in front of him.  Ghirran’s homeless community cooks, washes dishes and performs daily chores on a sidewalk beside the road.   They earn what little they have by picking up garbage.  Sometimes they beg.

Sometimes the police show up and burn their temporary shelters said Ghirran.

While people like Ghirran are fighting against the odds, the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) has siphoned off about Rs. 20 crores meant for providing shelter and rehabilitation to the homeless.

The DUSIB funded NGO, the Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) has a number of permanent and temporary shelters for the poor but they fail to accommodate the increasing number of homeless on the streets.

The NGO provides residents with basic necessities like shelter and covering.  Some of the shelters even offer three meals a day and provisions for sending the children to government schools.

Some of the residents even work, sewing clothes or doing odd jobs.



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